Your Upline Is Important In Your Network Marketing Business

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You may have read somewhere on the internet that your success in network marketing has nothing to do with your upline. If you are not successful in your business, the only thing you can do is blame your upline. Do not do this. Your upline has your interests at heart. He or she wants you to be successful in business both in terms of having financial freedom and reaping the benefits of the products and services.

Look upon your upline as a mentor and a friend. Make contact with your upline regularly. In doing this, people will want to join your business in your downline organization. After all network marketing is all about authentic relationships. Anyone joining a network marketing opportunity is also looking for authentic relationships.

The rule of thumb is that respect for the upline is required for you to gain respect from your prospective downline members. This will maintain the networking in your marketing. You will also enjoy the social aspect of the business.

However, people are different and this is why you cannot rely on the person who recruited you into your business. Some people are very good at using word of mouth to acquire customers. Remember that successful uplines have gone that extra mile to get to where they are right now. They had to experience all those objections and rejections. Not everyone wants to have anything to with network marketing companies and their products.

The most important thing to note here is that upline members cannot grow your business for you. Many would argue that you should not rely on your upline to do all your selling for you. Also, you should not rely on your upline to bring you potential prospects.

The reason for this is that your upline cannot position you as an expert in your industry and field. You are the only one who can do this. Just like the successful people in your organization, you will need to take massive action to reach your financial goals.

The person who recruited you into your business will no doubt tell you to talk to many people about your new network marketing venture. This is good advice in that you will be encouraged to take action immediately. As mentioned above, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field from the get go even though you do not have any customers and distributors yet.

How do you position yourself? You can do this if you follow these simple steps:

Before You Talk To Anyone About Your Opportunity.

Start using your products and services. Ask yourself: Am I passionate about these products and services? Will I use these products and services in five to ten years time?

If you have given positive answers to the above mentioned questions, you can now begin to assess the advantages or benefits of using these products or services. You should be able to make a list of ten to twenty benefits of your products. Examples of benefits and advantages can be that the products: make your skin better, reduce your telephone and electricity bills, cheaper holidays and insurance, more free time and better health. This process requires some application on your part but is nevertheless important.

When you think about the benefits of your products, you will have a clear understanding about how your products work. In other words:What do these products do to you and other people?

You have now a clear understanding about your products and how these benefit other people and the marketplace. Now you can think about approaching other people in order to talk to them about your business.

Talking To People About Your Business Opportunity

For the purpose of this discussion, we will assume that your potential markets are:

-your warm markets of people, which are family members, co-workers and everyone else you know.

-your 3 foot rule markets of people which are members of the public standing within a few feet from you even though you probably do not know them.

-any leads which you have bought from sources that have been recommended by your sponsor or business opportunity provider.

You must now ask each potential prospect the following question:

-If I can truly show you how to lose weight/save money on your utility bills/have better skin/have better holidays/have better finances. . . would this be worth an hour of your time.

Hopefully, you should have some positive responses to this question. You have demonstrated to your markets that you are an expert in your industry and field. You have shown them that you have their interests at heart. You can now explain the features and benefits of your products to the group of people who requested help from you.

There will be objections from your potential prospects. You can overcome these objections by giving them something in return for their purchases. Examples of enticements can be:free samples, free consultations and free information.

Customers Must Become Distributors

After a few weeks of using the products, you can ask your customers if they are happy with their new purchases. Request testimonials from them, these will be useful for acquiring customers in the future.

You can now say the following to your satisfied customers:

-I see that you have been using the products and that you benefit by doing this. I suggest that you can now help other people with these products so that you can get your products for free. How does that sound?

Those customers who are positive to this proposal can consider becoming a business builder in your downline organization.

This is the point when you can introduce people to your upline and that is when they become distributors in your downline organization. In this way, you can maintain a relationship with the person who is very important to you at this moment in time. This person is your upline and sponsor.

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