Why Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

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The Horoscope matching is a very important process before a boy marries a girl. Through horoscope matching, the transition of their individual life into a family life (also known as Grahastha Jeevan in India) is studied. These days this process is more important as the human nature is being more unpredictable and the marriages are breaking more than the earlier time. With the ever changing environment and the behavior of the society the success rate of the marriages has dramatically reduced. The study of the horoscopes not only increases the chances of the success of the marriages but also avoids the incompatibility issues by letting us know if the two are compatible or not.

There are 8 tests in total while matching the horoscopes of the boy and the girl who are marrying. Each of these tests generate scores that tells us what is the compatibility between the two for that particular parameter. The maximum of the total score is 36 for all the tests that have been made on the two horoscopes. If the total score is less than 18 for the boy and the girl, the marriage is not considered suitable.

The 8 tests are for the checking the compatibility are as below:

1) Varna test or the Mental Compatibility test-

This test tells us the compatibilities of the skills and the abilities of the two persons getting into the relation. The maximum score for this test is 1 which says the boy and the girl are compatible. This test has classified personalities in the following parts:

a) Brahmin – these are considered the philosophers.

b) warrior – these are considered the leaders and the rulers of the society.

c) vaishya – these are considered as the business class people who perform the economic functions.

d) Shudra – these are considered to be the labors or the people who work hard which reflects that they are makers of the society.

2) Vasya test or the power compatibility test-

In this test the maximum score that can be achieved is 2. This test is taken for the understanding which of the two would be the dominating in the married life? Again the human beings are categorized in 5 categories here. These are

a) Manav – Known as Humans who have their own view and individual identity.

b) Vanchar – Known as the animal or the jungle creatures that are considered higher in the environmental food chain like tigers.

c) Chatushpada – Known as the less powerful creatures who are also lower in the food chain, like sheep.

d) Jalchar – These are the creature of the water and again they have their own space and influence around them.

e) Keet – These are often the lowest in the food chain and are important part of the balance in the nature’s ecosystem.

The match among them is the most important as the result of this test tells us if the two can survive together?

3) Tara test or the Birth star test-

Allowing the maximum of the score 3, this test helps in making many of the marriages successful. The eight values for the stars are Janama, Sampat, Vipata, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Vadha, Mitra and Ati-mitra. These tell us the friendship between the two stars of the boy and the girl and tells us if they would friendly behavior with each other.

4) Yoni test –

This test generates the score for the sexual compatibility of the boy and the girl. The maximum score that can be achieved is 4 and this score symbolizes the biological compatibility, love and mutual understanding level. There are 14 different animal characteristics that classify a human being, these are:

Ashwa (Horse), Gaja (Elephant), Mesha (Ram), Sarpa (Serpent), Swan (Dog), Marjarah (Tom/Cat),

Mushika (Rat), Gau (Cow), Mahisha (Buffalo), Vyagrah(Tiger), Mriga (Deer), Vanara(Monkey), Nakula (Mongoose), and Singha (Lion)

5) Grah Maitri test-

This test has the maximum value of 5. This test is for calculating the friendship between the planets of the boy and the girl’s horoscopes. if this test score more, this would tell us that two people would have a happy married life. There are 7 planets that are considered as the rulers of the horoscopes are as below: Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani.

6) Gana test-

This test is also known as test of compatibility of the natures of the two horoscopes. The maximum value of this test is 6. This test also classify the human being in three broad categories which are:

Maunshya, Devata, and the Rakshasa. If this test produces higher value, the possibility of the compatibility of the boy and the girl are very high. There are very good chanced that the marriage of the two would be successful.

7) Bhakut test or the Zodiac moon signs test-

With the maximum score of 7, this test is also very important. This test indicates the prosperity of the married couple and their family. There are twelve different moon signs which are as below:

Mesh, Vrisha, Mithun, Kark,Singha, Kanya, Tula, Brischik, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha, Meena.

8) Nadi test or the Life forces test-

This test generates the highest score of 8 and is the most important part of the horoscope matching. This test tells us where does the power of the person reside? This is the most important test as far as the overall compatibility and the growth of the family is considered. This test is more scientific and deals with the pulses and the nerves of the human beings. The life forces are classified in the following categories:

a) Adi or Beginning

b) Madhya or Middle

c) Aanta or End

The life forces of the two human being should be on the different places to make a good couple and grow their family.

By summing the score from these 8 tests, one can easily understand the overall compatibility of the boy and the girl before they get married. These tests certainly increase the chances of a successful married life. The score below 18 shows that there are less chances of a successful married life between the two.

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