Top 4 Online Branding Tips – Be An Authority In Your Niche

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With so many websites and people online, you really need to stand out when you have an online business. Having a brand for your website or company will definitely set you apart from all the faceless marketers online. Today, I want to share with you my top four branding tips, so that you can be seen as an authority online.

Branding Tip #1

If your comfortable with this, use your name as your brand. For example use or LTD. People online will quickly identify with you on a personal level, seeing you as much more of an authority over a business called “make money fast” for example.

Personal branding is very effective and will be very beneficial to your online presence. All the big, successful companies online use a name of some form for their brand. I personally think that using your own name for an online business is a great idea, just look at Tony Robbins or Frank Kern.

Branding Tip #2

Have a personal slogan for your company and stand out as an individual. This is a great way to brand yourself. Something catchy and memorable is definitely a good start. For example Nike’s slogan is “just do it”. This company has used a very effective slogan and people can familiarise themselves with it.

Making people feel comfortable with your brand is a must, your slogan(if done correctly) can certainly achieve this. Keeping your slogan simple will help people remember it more.

Branding Tip #3

Think about the colours that you are going to use for you company brand. For example the red and yellow colour of McDonald’s stands out really well and people know these colours.

Use two or three colours in your logo design, don’t overwhelm it with lots of colours because it will affect the overall image. You need to make a good first impression and keep your visitor engaged.

Branding Tip #4

Show people who you are. What do I mean by this? Well, have a real picture on your company website and also show yourself on video. For example you could be an internet marketing coach, have a mixture of video training and PDF tutorials.

A lot of people online are skeptical and cautious. However, if you can show them a friendly face on video they will become a lot more relaxed and interact with you more. Being a real person online is definitely a good way to gain a lot of trust and make people feel more comfortable spending their money on your services.

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