Small Business Can Save Big Money With Templates

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In the business world, time is a valuable asset and A great way to start saving time in developing your business is to use ready-made templates. Templates can be used to quickly develop websites, ad campaigns, business cards and more. In most cases these templates can be purchased from large wholesalers online for penny’s on the dollar. The quality and type of templates available will vary greatly, but below are descriptions of the most often used types of templates and those that can often save you the most money.

Website Design Templates:

A web design template is a pre-built website where the design work and coding has been completed, but the content still must be integrated into the pages. A simple web template may cost under $20 dollars, but a well-designed professional e-commerce website may cost upward of $200. These prices are based on high volume template warehouses. A custom developed template solely for your business alone may cost in the thousands. Webmasters, either novice or expert, can easily save thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours by using website templates. In addition when purchasing your template from A professional website template reseller you will often be purchasing designs of a much higher quality than your are capable of creating on your own.

“I want an original design” – Often this is what people think when considering the purchase a website template. They feel that having a design that might be used by others is not a viable option for their business; however, most professional template distributors offer a “unique bid”. This special price is offered to those who wish to purchase the design for their use only. If the special price is paid (which is often as much as 20X more than the normal purchase price) then the template will be removed from the sellers database and from any and all affiliate websites which might also sell their products. In this way you have purchased the design you wanted for much cheaper and faster than had you hired someone to develop a custom design.

Business Card and Logo Templates:

For most small agencies, using business card templates is a wonderful tool to easily make custom business cards. Templates usually come in two main categories. Program source files (Photoshop or Illustrator files ready to accept your personal information) and “online development programs ” which allow you to choose images and layouts online and simply input your personal information through an interface on the seller’s website. Either way works well and can often give you a high quality, professional looking business card in a matter of minutes. The design can then be used to purchase cards directly through the template seller’s website or you can take the files to your local printer.

PowerPoint Templates:

The third most popular category of business templates are PowerPoint designs. These templates allow you to quickly put together a good looking presentation as fast as you can copy and paste your content into them. These are great for unexpected meetings and spontaneous presentations. You can make it look like you had all week to prepare when actually you threw it together on the plane.


The real story behind using templates to start your business off right is the cost savings combined with the huge time savings. Together they allow small start up companies to have the same opportunities as the big boys who have designers on staff. I cannot think of a more accessible way to level the playing field so keep them in mind the next time someone quotes you a ridiculous price for design services. This author has built his own business on the backs of template designers I have never met.

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