Several Things You Should Know Before Starting a Small Business

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Thinking About Starting a Small Business ?

Owning a business is not for the faint of heart or those who would rather be job hunting. It is for those who want to take the future into their own hands. Over 1 million new businesses are started each year. That fact alone shows there are lots of other people that share the same desire, to be a part of the entrepreneurial wave.

A search of your mind,heart and spirit will help determine if you can manage your time and whether or not you are a self-starter with the experience and desire it will take to coordinate activities and events to create enough income to support your household.I mean that in every literal sense of the word, because you may find yourself and the rest of your family members all working together to make your small business a success.

Here is a short list of the skills you should posse beforehand, to help determine if you are suited, to owning your own business.

Organized, keeping track of expenses and orders while staying ahead of schedule will be essential to your business.

Flexible, can you shift gears easily from mom to boss or from boss to husband on a moments notice?

Driven, How long can you work 18 hour days without a day off?

Motivated, you must stay excited and enthusiastic about your product or service even when customers say no.

Creative, this trait can’t be learned ,but if you are smart, you’ll find someone to help you with this area.

Responsible, you have to be able to run errands, complete task and accomplish goals all at the same time.

Maya Angelou said it best “Nothing will work unless you do”. The truth be told, the overall ability to create an income is limited only by your willingness to work hard, smart and long toward your goals. Once you are ready to start a business I recommend getting three people, to be accountable to and to help guide your venture.

1. A good friend 2. A business person 3. Spiritual advisor

They can help to judge your commitment and progress on a regular basis as well as provide encouragement and motivation when the going gets rough.The most important step is to choose an income source that you enjoy and love one that you would consider doing for free because for a time it may seem that you are working for free, but in fact you may be building goodwill, demand or other aspects of your business.

If you do make up your mind to venture into business, get prepared for virtually every twist and turn of circumstance and fate, that you can imagine, to test your sincerity of purpose and determination. Remember the race is not to the swift, but those who endure to the end.

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