Sell Your RUG Before It Is Made

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Galaincha produces realistic visualizations and strike-offs that can be utilized to replace tralatitious traditional sampling procedures for design confirmation. Galaincha also creates email-ready design plates with your branding, with all customization information including colors, materials and pile heights, allowing you the much more efficient, streamlined and accurate communication. Designs can be produced using manufacturers’ quality standard settings, in which case, the manufactured rugs will be very similar to what you see on your screen.

Galaincha software allows our users to save time and money throughout the complete rug manufacturing process with our cutting-edge custom carpet design solutions including Galaincha itself with exploRUG.

The software is perfectly suited to the needs of Carpet companies including designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Mostly getting popular to all designer as its rich feature set provides tools required to create the design from scratch, edit existing designs, or convert the scanned artwork into a rug design.

Our custom carpet designing software is extremely user-friendly so our users find it easy to use and also offers wide varieties of tools for free hand drawing, scaling, applying perfectly blended gradients, working with complex motifs. Providing free upgrade of the software to the users, with every update more and more additional enhancements added to the software to fulfill the requests and needs of the customers.

The real looking output of the carpet design allows our users to pre-look the final output of the design. With pre-integrated textures of Wool, silk, and loop, you can also load your own custom textures within the software. With realistic carpet rendering, it produces the exact final output.

With the smart tool for coloring, the software automatically generates the desired color scheme. With hand-picked color scheme, the most used feature is Generate Color Combination with can be fully automatic or can be semi-automatic. You will be amazed to find how easy it is to generate various color combinations of the design with most eye appealing for manufacturing the rug.

For a small fee of US $150, we offer a 3 months trial period that includes full access to the software, email based training and technical support. This is to ensure that you explore most of the features, evaluate immediate benefits and understand its potential for your future business before investing in the software. We will even help you work with your own designs to get started.

Galaincha software offers wide range tools that can enhance a simple design into extraordinary one. The additional handy tools that enable any designer to create, visualize, and control all aspects of producing the design into a rug as seen on the computer screen. With just a few clicks, the software generates all the required output packs for the manufacturing process. Complex designs with maximum colors are taken into account and provide the detail information for price calculation with the calculation of the yarn required with weight.

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