Sage MAS 90 VS Peachtree – An Accounting Software Comparison

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Both Sage MAS 90 and Peachtree are two popular accounting software developed by Sage (formerly Best Software) which have already captured a large portion of market share. These two have served their customers well and performed exceptionally to their maximum extent otherwise they won’t be able to create a reputation for their name or brand. Although both of them have great capabilities to cater the needs and meet the standards of accounting, there are also many factors that differentiate these two.

A quick overview of Peachtree and Sage MAS 90 accounting software:

Peachtree is a great entry-level for micro and small business establishments. Peachtree is available with Pro, Complete, Premium and Quantum Edition. The prices, features and comprehensiveness increases respectively. The price starts off from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars depending on the number of user licenses and the edition of the software. It offers the basic standard accounting capabilities, limited feature set and database functionality. Because of its design limitations, it may need require upgrading to a more powerful accounting software as the business grows.

Sage MAS 90 ERP is a small-midmarket level business management and accounting software. It was originally an accounting software when it was first released but today, after 25 years of innovation, it has become a modular ERP software and its accounting functionality is available in the Core Accounting module. Sage MAS 90 can handle up to 10 concurrent users, runs on a LAN under Windows Servers. It is best suitable for businesses with an annual revenue between $1 million to $50 million. It has more than 25 modules which can easily integrate including distribution, manufacturing, CRM, time and project management, HR and payroll, e-Commerce and over a thousand out-of-the-box industry-specific modules to cater special needs of each industry. Price starts off between $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the number of users and modules included.

A brief comparison on Sage MAS 90 and Peachtree along with its functionality and limitations:

As soon as your company grows, you need more users to access the accounting software. Peachtree is limited up to 5 users only unless you upgrade it to Quantum Edition which can cater up to 40 users. When the amount of transactions increases, the system can no longer handle all processes which causes it to strain the database and other performance drags follows. As you experience growth, your operations increases and becomes more complicated which demands a more robust accounting software because Peachtree does not offer advance functionality. It also does not provide industry-specific accounting solutions.

Sage MAS 90, on the other hand, can handle up to 10 concurrent users. It is very flexible and scalable enough to handle the growing needs of your business. It is able to carry out more comprehensive transactions and offer more advance functionality especially in manufacturing and distribution. It can integrate industry-specific modules to tailor the special needs of your business. It can also integrate with CRM and other business applications for better enterprise collaboration. It provides a smooth workflow for your entire company, increased in efficiency and productivity.

After knowing the capabilities of both accounting software, we can conclude that Sage MAS 90 is better and has more powerful capabilities compared to Peachtree. As soon as your business outgrows the functionality of Peachtree, you can choose to have a straight upgrade to Sage MAS 90 and the good thing is, for those who really accustomed to using Peachtree, a Sage MAS 90 – Peachtree Special Edition is also available.

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