Ramco Vs SAP B1 ERP Comparison – Know How to Select Software

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Being competitive on the market nowadays means having the capability to react fast and efficient to the customer’s needs and to the changes on the market. Business solutions are in great demand lately because all business owners are looking to improve their activity and to simplify it. This being the case, ERP software producers needs to come up with adaptable and flexible products in order to meet the constantly growing demands of the customers. Many people compare two or more different products before deciding which one is most suitable for their company. This is why an ERP comparison on Ramco/SAP B1 might be useful, if you are interested in such an acquisition.

When making an ERP comparison on Ramco/SAP B1 or on other two similar products we need to consider all the advantages one might have over another. Their features and their options, as well as their purchasing price and operational costs need to be discussed. Although they are both designed for small and midsized companies, there is a difference between them. SAP B1 is a great choice for a company that has expanded and is looking for a comprehensive business solution capable of integrating all the aspects of the business. Ramco, on the other hand, is very accessible because it is available as ERP on demand. This makes it particularly suitable for small enterprises that can’t afford to invest a lot of money or which don’t have the necessary IT infrastructure. However, Ramco solutions are not only available in the SaaS form. The traditional software can also be purchased and it comes with options that cover all the necessities of a business, from financial management, accounts receivable and accounts payable to management of the inventories or human resources management.

The ERP comparison on Ramco/SAP B1 also needs to mention the fact that SAP B1 is suitable for mid size companies while Ramco on demand can be scaled to any company, regardless its size. SAP B1 is nothing less than Ramco if we refer to the solutions it offers. It comes with 14 modules and with a separate report module that makes information analysis easier, more accurate and more precise. It is also suitable for companies performing e-commerce and it is very innovative when it comes to CRM. It allows employees to access their customer database through a web browser. This improves their reaction in what concerns the customers’ demands and helps them have a quick respond to various requirements.

Once an ERP comparison on Ramco/SAP B1 is made, the decision needs to be taken considering the size of the company, the costs that it can afford and the availability and other requirements it has from ERP software.

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