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With the economic crisis it is hard for students to find part-time jobs because shops are closing and jobs meant for teenagers are now mostly taken by adults who were affected by company bankruptcies and downsizing. I know of somebody who used to work for General Motors who is now riding a bike every morning distributing newspapers in the neighborhood. That is how tough times are now and the good news is there are still job opportunities for students like you such as online data entry. The pay is very good and it is very easy to start. Even an average high school graduate can do it without any problem at all.

The job is good for part-timers because the work schedule is flexible. You will be working at home and you will decide what will be your workload and work schedule. You can even work anywhere you want for as long as there is internet connection. Above all what is so beautiful about this job is it does not require specialized training and high educational training. If you are computer literate and you know how to type with average speed.

The job will only require you to key in information in a computer data base. As a complete beginner you may apply for jobs such as reformatting documents, scanning of documents for electronic filing, indexing, making product catalogs and filling-up online forms.

To be able to jump start your data entry work career you don’t have to buy expensive office equipments. All you will need is a personal computer and just to subscribe to an internet company. You can set up your office any part of your house that will allow you to work an interrupted.

You may apply online through online job site such as Odesk. You will have to sign up, post your resume and apply for jobs that you are interested in. Or you may also subscribe to online data entry programs such as the National Data Entry. There is no risk involve if you join because they offer a refund to membership paid no questions ask if you think that it is not working for you. Do your best and good luck.

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