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Just like any other segment, visual media and other media such as advertising media have started realizing the valuable and powerful opportunities offered by the mobile advertising platform. Advertising and promoting their events, programs and services is vital for the survival of any media related company.

Mobile marketing including SMS advertising takes products and services to a huge audience base. This method takes advantage of people’s obsession today with text messaging. The fact that innovative and interesting features are added to mobiles almost every day has resulted in continued growth of this segment. For any business including media, business SMS, web to SMS, bulk SMS and SMS advertising offers a host of opportunities and advantages.

1. With text messaging, it is possible for a media company to send out information on events and programs to large groups of people in a quick and convenient manner. This method of advertising is instant and cost effective which is the reason for its growing popularity.

2. SMS advertising offers a personal touch to your relationship with potential customers. Even though you send bulk SMS to a lot of people, every individual feels you are conveying the message personally to them. This adds that important personal touch making this medium one of the most powerful advertising channels.

3. Another major advantage that makes it necessary for media companies to leverage mobile advertising is that the message reaches people wherever they are, even if they are on the move. Everyone takes their mobile phone with them wherever they go. They are ideal targets for SMS advertising methods that are time sensitive.

4. Most importantly, unlike spam, junk mail and adverts, business SMS is read by everyone. Media organizations like radio and television are now leveraging audience participation to generate revenue through usage of premium SMS. Advertising firms, media agencies and brands also send redeemable vouchers through mobile phones to customers.

To make it more simple and convenient, you can use professional services offered by mobile service providers to send business and bulk SMS to a huge database of potential customers. You can access the provider’s 100% web-based interface from anywhere. These platforms are easy to use and offer reporting and statistics on usage of platform on a continuous basis.

Television and radio media stations looking to send out adverts, messages, updates and information to a large group of customers you can take the help of this reliable platform. SMS is used popularly for television voting and polls and other content services.

Mobile media in future will be made use of by more and more consumers to tap into shopping, information news and entertainment. In order to maintain their competitive edge, brands must gear up and roll out effective 360 degree plans for marketing that includes mobile advertising.

They will also benefit from creating sites that are mobile friendly. Mobile applications must be integrated on the sites to make the two way communication with potential and prospective customers’ user friendly and convenient.

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