Land Surveyors: What Is In A Career?

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How does the land around us become developed? Who are the people that help plan how the land is shifted to create subdivisions, roads and business complexes? Those people are land surveyors. They are responsible for working with engineers, architects and builders to map out in detail the land surfaces. Maps and surveys come from land surveyor’s detailed work in defining boundaries based on the Earths physical features and as they change it is up to the land surveyor to adjust their work.

The history of a profession is always something of great interest to me. Did you know that three of the Mount Rushmore presidents started their careers in the field as surveyors? That must say something about what the field of surveying teaches a person. You must be detailed, math and technologically orientated and enjoy the outside.

The westward settlement of our great nation was due to the surveying and exploration that was documented and given to President Jefferson by Lewis and Clark. The Louisiana Purchase came about because of the detailed documentation through reports, maps and data collection, otherwise land surveying that early explorers completed. This is also how the creation of our first railway system came about. Can you imagine building a railway through undefined territory? It would be like a blind card match where you are just hoping the land features play in to your design. With land surveyors you don’t have to worry about luck.

Not only do land surveyors work in the field to take measurements of the land they also can work in offices drawing up maps, interpreting data and offering professional unbiased opinions about land boundaries. When in the field surveyors surround themselves with technology such as GPS systems, three d scanners and digital media to help define the land in terms that can then be put in to document form for real estate, builders and all types of clients who will use their expertise. Gauging and plotting the Earth and its surface through current technology and software is the main objective for land surveyors.

What are the benefits of a career within this field? First in an economy that people are scavenging for reliable jobs careers in land surveying are thriving. Not only are they needed in the public and private sectors of life but our government also hold these positions in top regards. The advantages for individuals working as a professional land surveyor range from the credit that you receive to the fact you are working with updated technology, in a career that pays well and is never the same. You also get the advantages of working in environments that are every changing. It is an exciting career that has multiple benefits for those who pursue it.

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