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The HP OfficeJet 5610 multifunction fits the bill regarding a home office, despite the fact that you will need to give up on efficiency as well as convenience. This particular do-everything gadget can certainly scan, copy, print photos and other documents, as well as send and receive faxes. Unfortunately, it prints slowly plus offers mixed output quality. Digital photo enthusiasts should think about a multifunction printer having memory-card slots as well as superior output quality. In case your home office require business-class features but does not require colour, look at a greyscale laser multifunction printer instead.The tan and brown HP OfficeJet 5610 is visually serious and also fits a pack of attributes in to its 18-by-16-by-9-inch (WDH) shell. Nonetheless, this product offers short shrift to a few basic features. For example, the output tray rests over the input tray, so you must remove finished prints and lift the tray out ahead of adding or altering paper. Additionally, the scanner lid does not detach to make accommodation with regard to scanning or copying big documents. This printer can function with black, ordinary colour as well as photo inks, however since it holds just two of these at any given time, you’ll have to change the black and photo ink tanks whenever you swap between printing photos and text documents.

The control panel of the 5610 handily splits fax and copy capabilities into separate areas, although the 16-by-2-character Liquid crystal display does not have backlighting. Nevertheless, it’s a piece of cake to make use of the menus, and each individual mode features its own button to make choices linked to printing, scanning, and copying. A general Preferences menu enables you to arrange several basics that most multifunction printers don’t allow, including the speed that text scrolls over the Liquid crystal display and how long the system waits for you to answer to prompts. Alongside a number keypad are five buttons for one-touch speed-dial numbers along with a label space intended for writing and saving frequently faxed numbers. The copy function offers individual buttons with regard to black and colour, so the easiest copy demands just one button push. The 5610 prints, scans, photocopies, as well as faxes, however the deficiency of memory-card slots prevents you from utilizing it as a stand-alone printer. A great deal of this particular machine’s abilities count on HP’s bundled software (for Windows 98 or later as well as Mac OS 10.2.8 and up). HP’s scanning tool can auto correct colour on faded originals as well as get rid of scratches as well as dust specks. You can manually implement settings to lighten or darken the scan and also to manage the colour saturation. The HP Image Zone application, a mixture of photo archiver as well as photo-album designer, features resources with regard to editing as well as implementing special effects. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you do not clutter your hard drive by installing this specific large application in the event you already have photo-editing software. Employing a free software download, you can scan pages and transform them to text by way of optical character recognition (OCR). HP also provides software with regard to faxing documents from your computer, although the 5610 can’t receive digital faxes and store them on your computer.

Though it does not print photos without the need for your pc, the 5610 can certainly complete many other stand-alone jobs. You may send faxes right away or delay them; it is possible to key in a forwarding number with regard to inbound faxes; and the 5610 is able to do poll faxing – this is, call a different fax machine so that you can obtain a waiting document. The 5610 prints reports so that you’ll learn if your faxes are going down the wrong path, and it contains caller ID, a junk-fax barrier, and distinctive-ring-detection features.

HP ships the OfficeJet 5610 along with a standard-size black-ink HP OfficeJet 5610 ink cartridge along with a tricolour cartridge. The photo ink won’t come in the container. HP claims the standard-size black cartridge lasts for 220 pages. There exists furthermore a high-capacity black cartridge, suitable for an estimated 450 pages.

The 5610 presented time-consuming performance on most functions in our tests. It printed text at a slow 4.08ppm (pages per minute). The 5610 required roughly three minutes to print a photograph, common with regard to a machine in the class. However the 5610 finished a black-and-white scan at the rate of 7.59ppm.

We gave the HP OfficeJet 5610 great marks for the print quality, as it turned out text that was sharp, nice and clean, black, and legible at very small point sizes. Colour artwork showed excellent depth, shapes and also geometry were without any distortion, plus colours appeared exact as well as saturated. The glossy picture prints had such high-quality consistency that we couldn’t notice the ink dots under magnification. The 5610 produced razor-sharp details in photos, nevertheless the colours looked flat. The big failure was the scan quality: colour scans ended up among the list of most extreme we have observed lately – they looked gritty as well as blotchy, with noticeable banding and also muted colours. Greyscale scans were more effective and displayed sufficient fine detail with an above average selection of greys as well as no artifacting.

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