How to Price a Wall Mural and Develop a Price Sheet – For Artists

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One of the most common challenges for artists is determining what to charge for a wall mural project. Developing a structure and system will make it so much easier for you.

But how do you develop a price structure for wall murals? Simple – follow the lead of many of the top muralists. Create a price sheet that lists a per-square-foot fee as well as all of the possible additional charges.

How to create your price sheet:

1 – Determine a price per square foot that you will charge for most every mural (most artists charge between $30 – $50 per square foot. You can charge on the higher end if you have experience and are in high demand. Go for the lower end if you are new at mural painting.)

2- Include additional charges to be added to your price per square foot, such as:

  • Add a design fee for designing and sketching the artwork (we charge $500 and it’s non-refundable)
  • Add a per/hour charge if extraneous work is required to prepare a problem surface (we charge $95/hour)
  • Add $3 – $5 per square foot if the design the client is requesting is of great complexity or difficulty.

3 – The price sheet should include a list of what your charges include (travel in the local area, assistant fees, all materials and scaffolding.)

4 – The price sheet should include a list of what your charges DO NOT include (travel outside the local area, insurance fees, sketches beyond the first 3 sets of changes.)

5 – There should be a minimum charge for small murals. We charge a minimum of $5,600.00, even if the mural is very small. This is because the time involved in painting a small mural is not much less than a larger one.

Once you have your pricing figured out, keep in mind that you can change it anytime. If you find that you are charging too little, increase your per square foot fee. If you find that your pricing is too high to sustain business, than drop the fees a little.

When you have a price sheet on hand, it’s so much easier to have a professional conversation with a prospective client. If they ask “What do you charge for a wall mural?” You can confidently say, “The fee is $35.00 per square foot (or whatever your charge is) and I can send you a price sheet with additional details if you’d like.

For a sample Mural Price Sheet, go to How to Price A Wall Mural. You can copy and paste the price sheet in that post and plug in your own numbers.

Keep in mind, your client will be happy that you have a written price sheet. This tells them that you are professional, and that will give them greater confidence in your work.

One final thought on price quotes for wall murals: Be sure to get a 50% deposit up front before buying the materials needed. This requirement should be printed on your price sheet as well.

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