Email Marketing Is Successful In Enhancing Relationships Between Businessmen

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It’s great time that we will discuss on This Internet Marketing topics and some views I think you don’t know. Which can be beneficial for your company growth.

As I have told you before that Search Engine Optimization is the best feature of Internet Marketing. Also known as Email Marketing, which symbolizes the Direct Marketing and uses a promotional message in a simple form of an email which reaches millions of people within a few seconds, no matter where they exist, in your country or some where else, they only need to be hooked online. You can say it is one of the best and easy ways to communicate without any physical hindrances whatsoever. Also you have a medium to show your services to give simple description on your email. However the term usually refers to:

o Sending e-mails with the purpose of acquiring new customers and also making old customers aware of the new developments/projects of the company

o Sending advertisements/mailers through e-mails

o The main objective of E-mail marketing is sending mailers with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a Businessman/Merchant with its current & old customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Advantages of Email Marketing –

o Distribute information clearly to a wide range of customers within few seconds.

o Low cost investment process. If you are familiar with traditional marketing which is based on direct mail or printing, advertising but email Marketing is comparatively less expensive.

o You can add advertisement and make your email attractive using videos, graphics, quiz etc which will be help to your prospective new customer.

o Pushes your advertisement/message to its audience, as opposed to a website of the company wherein it waits for customers to come in.

o Most of Internet users check or send emails on a day to day basis.

Disadvantages –

o Many companies use Email Marketing to communicate with existing customers, but many other companies send unsolicited bulk email, also known as spam.

o Most of Internet users use wrong format of Email, which can be destructive for them. The Format of Email can be text and html and both have have their pros and cons. The one advantage of the text format is that it loads fast, no matter of whatsoever size. Also HTML format take up a lot of space and there is space crunch with lot of mail providers.

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