Email Marketing and Its Importance to Online Business

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Giving away flyers and hiring a mascot that dances with a big arrow pointing to a certain store or something is now a thing to nothing when it comes to boosting your marketing strategy. While many small businesses are being established every day, they also need to adapt to the new way to get to the skin of their prospects. And what’s the secret about that? No, it’s not to buy a Xerox machine to copy more flyers but yes, to have at least the idea on email marketing.

In a recent study, there are 205 billions of emails that are being sent daily and almost 75% of these emails are meant for marketing purposes. It is also expected to grow exponentially every year and will be expected to bubble up to 246 billion emails in 2019.

Email marketing is now the best way to reach out to prospective clients because of the growing trend in the digital world. People don’t have time to walk around and search for something when they can just search something with the touch of a button. So, the way best way to reach out to them is to make a powerful email to entice them to get what they truly need.

This technique is proven and tested even to the biggest business such as Amazon to the smallest business you can imagine even to the folks who will walk your dog for 5 bucks. They must have the most persuasive and strong email marketing statements to make a client say “yes” immediately. And in this article, I will pen down some email marketing advice that will effectively be engaged with your target client and profit.

1. Always make it personalize:

Don’t just send random emails to random people. If your business is lawn service and the people you are sending off emails are the ones who want to fix their sink that will really not work at all. Try searching some specific people who might need your service, search on craigslist, join some Facebook groups or reach out to people on the different multimedia platform. That way, you can sort and filter out people who truly need your service. You can also address them by their names to make it not look-like automated. People are also cautious about a spam message. It could save you some time and effort also.

2. Always be consistent and be weary on the content:

Like a baby who wants milk in a bottle, always treat your customer like that, when you are building a strong impression on email marketing. Consistency is a sure way to build up your brand to customers for your services offered. On the other hand, make sure your content is always changing the statements but at the same time easy to understand and still be engaging. Keep it short and concise to strike out your point.

3. Make sure you have a website:

Well, this is a self-explanatory factor. If you want to build an impression online, you must have a website that your prospective clients can rely on with all the information about your services. It may not or may be effective at first, but it will eventually, in the long run. Just make sure you make the most interesting features and content to your website so that your prospective clients can absorb what you have to offer. And also, be sure that it is optimized on different devices, almost 27% of people are relying on mobile now so you need to consider that factor too.

4. Include Social Media Links to your Email:

It is also important that you include social media links to your email that will redirect them on your profile. With this, they can easily interact with you or your staff. This will serve as an FAQ area for your services as many people are also on social media. This will be beneficial also for you as you could get instant review and referrals more easily.

5. Always keep in mind that there’s a competition:

As I said earlier, consistency is the key. There are over an exponential rise of different businesses are that is being established online. On the same note, they are also trying to find ways to boost their profit and online popularity and before you even know, they are starting to get everyone’s attention. So always be mindful that online marketing is also a way to compete to your competitors, work hard and follow the tips I have given and I’ll be sure you’ll be eating apples in no time.

Summing it up

Email marketing will and always be increasingly important through the years, and it is consistently also evolving every time. So be sure to always follow up on this trend. Always be updated on the changes and techniques you can search online as your competitors are always finding ways to top everyone up so should you. Follow these five simple steps and you will reap for what you are sowing.

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