Careers Avenues in Leatherwork

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Leatherwork, as a field of human endeavour, provides several job opportunities to the masses in the country. Each of the careers it offers generates a lot of income for the individual. Also, they are very lucrative and enterprising. Some of the career opportunities in leatherwork are:

• Tanner:

This person is responsible for the preparation of animal skins into leather through the tanning process. Thousands of people work as tanners all over the world. It is an income generating venture that is why there are increasing numbers of leather producing centers and tanneries across the globe.

• Leather technologist:

This person has studied the components as well as the functions of the machines and devices used for the preparation, processing, and production of leather and its articles. He is responsible for giving technical advice and training regarding the usage of all the machineries and devices in the leatherwork industry. He also repairs and fixes the worn out parts of machines and devices used in the leatherwork industry.

• Leather artist/designer:

He decorates the surface of processed leather before it is used for the production of articles. He employs decorative techniques such as burnishing, polishing, dyeing, marbling etc. to the processed leather.

• Leather product dealer:

This individual deals or trades in products and items in leatherwork. He/she sells leather articles and items such as bags, footwear, necklaces, hats, etc. either as a retailer or wholesaler.

• Leatherwork tutor/lecturer:

He is a master in the knowledge concerning the processing, designing and production of items in the field of leatherwork. He instructs students in educational institutions such as schools, vocational institutions, polytechnics and universities on leatherwork. He also gives talks and organizes workshops for individuals and leather industries where he offers lectures on leatherwork.

• Leather tools, accessories, and equipment dealer:

This person is responsible for selling tools, equipment, and accessories in leatherwork to individuals, industries and organizations. He may also produce these tools and equipment and then sell it to leather producers and students. Some of the tools they deal with include knives, punches, needles, awls, mallet, skivers etc.

• Leatherwork producer:

This is a leather artist who produces or makes articles in leatherwork. Since it is a vast area, it offers employment avenues to various people in the country. Some of the leather items and articles they produce include handbags, wallets, purses, footwear etc.

• Leather upholstery producer:

This person is responsible for the designing and production of upholstery for the seating of furniture, office desks and chairs, cars, and other vehicular machines. They also use leather in the production of the various furnishes in offices, homes, and cars.

• Leather tools designer:

He designs and produces exclusively, locally manufactured tools used in the processing and manufacture of leather articles. Local materials are normally used in line with local techniques in the production of these tools and equipment in leatherwork.

• Leatherwork Tailor:

He sews pieces, strips and sections of a leather article together such as bags, clothes, footwear etc. using a suitable sewing machine. Sometimes, they create linear, appliqué or embroidery designs on the surfaces of the leather parts using an embroidery machine before sewing the pieces together. It should be noted that each of these careers in leatherwork can be a great source of livelihood for the individual and his family.

• Leather Chemist:

These are persons who produce the chemicals used for the preparation and treatment of leather. Others who are in the same profession are well versed in the right recipes for the processing and treatment of leather. They are consulted in terms of better ways of colouring and preserving leather.

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