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If you’re reading this, you already know that I’ve been blogging. I also recently started vlogging. If you haven’t already asked why, I’ll tell you. I felt that I have a lot to say and needed an outlet. No, not just some sort of random rant, but a means of sharing with others my views and opinions. And yes, I do seem to have quite a few! I also wanted to share with others more information about the business I conduct.

Of course I try to focus most of my communications on business related topics, however, I will on occasion take a tangent on life and other observations. I think this article would be categorized as a tangent. The point is I believe that I can provide a lot of good insight into business as well as some good general life guidance. Now don’t think that I think I’m all knowing and that I’m perfect or infallible, etc. It’s just that sometimes I notice things. Take it for what you will

Now both the blog and the vlog are relatively new to me so I’ve been experimenting with various formats and styles. I’m always open to suggestion, so if you have an opinion, please share. With the lengthy lead-in taken care of, I’d like to open the floor for a question I had as I’ve been spending a good deal of time online in the various forums.

I believe the idea or intent for websites such as YouTube and MySpace are to help people get connected. But is that really what’s happening? Those of us who have spent some time at these social sites have viewed quite a few videos, read some blogs and looked at some photos. You can even “add friends” and create a network of people. There’s also quite of bit of random content purely intended for entertainment and even more content with a focus on generating sales. (I’m certainly a bit guilty of that myself.)

So, I ask you these questions: Are these sites helping us get closer to people and/or expanding our knowledge base? Or is it another way to distance us from others while only maintaining superficial relationships? I don’t know if there’s a clear answer and maybe it’s a little of both. If you have an opinion or insight, I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Looking forward to forging long and meaningful relationships. You can find me at

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