Are You Intimidated In The Presence Of Other Artists?

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Being an artist myself, I am naturally interested in the work of fellow artists. I spend hours a day trawling the internet, visiting art websites and reading about the artist and how they began their career. Their stories are very inspiring. When I first began art, I seemed to be the only artist that had never been to art school to obtain some form of degree. If I had my time over I would have definitely chosen that path, and made a name for myself early in my life. I have been painting since 2012, and admit to being a “late bloomer.”

If you have enough determination you can make an art career work with some extra effort, you don’t necessarily need an art degree, but it does help to have one. Like me – if you are over fifty, people are usually inspired by your story of how you became an artist.

I admit that at first I felt intimidated by fellow artists who had a full life career. Their work often being superb, along with a well polished dossier which spans many years of their life as an artist. It can be quite intimidating being in the presence of their huge success. I have really had to push myself hard through this. At one point I wanted to trash all my paintings and take up painting houses instead, yet something kept me going on with my dream. After more time spent visiting different artists websites and galleries, I noticed a pattern which I found had taken place in my findings.

I had come across paintings that looked as if the artist had simply thrown the paint at his canvass in either rage or laziness. I did not enjoy what I saw at all. I had seen a lot of art works in my short time of being a painter, therefore I had developed a keen instinct about the artist as a person through his style of works. Upon reading about some of these types of artists, it became clear to me, that once they had established a good name for themselves and obtained art degrees and building up a good exhibition and a portfolio, it seemed obvious to me that they can become perplexed when it comes to their actual artwork.

The journeyman artist, always feels the need to put his best foot forward, as our actual works are our living diploma, and they will say everything about us as a person. In the days before I became an artist, I would never bother reading about an artists background. If I loved a painting I was not worried about who painted it. I still think to a degree, that a piece of art work will either move you or it won’t no matter what background the artist has come from. Never feel intimidated by the work of other artists, remember that you have an insatiable audience that will keep you going for decades to come.

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