An Introduction to Cosmetology Careers

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Cosmetology careers are careers dedicated to enhancing people’s appearances. Cosmetologists can specialize in hair, nails, makeup and many other aspects of physical beauty. To be a good cosmetologist you have to have artistic talent and vision, but you also have to be a good listener because you’ll want to take your customers’ wishes into account when creating their personal styles. You also should be able to get along well with people. After all, you’ll be working with them at close range for long periods of time, so it can make the work more pleasant if you’re a friendly person.

A cosmetologist can work in a salon or spa, or in a shop. Some cosmetologists work in hospital settings, helping people who are sick or recuperating from major surgery or a serious injury. Others travel around and go into people’s homes. Cosmetologists can work full-time or part-time, and many are self-employed.

There are many different jobs a cosmetologist can do for a client. A short list would include massaging and treating the scalp, as well as doing all kinds of things to a person’s hair: shampooing, cutting, curling, coloring, bleaching, straightening, setting and/or styling. Some cosmetologists specialize in nails, and perform manicures and pedicures. Others perform hair removal, and can get rid of facial hair and unwanted body hair. Some are makeup artists, and can give their customers virtually any look or shading possible. Other cosmetologists are expert wigmakers, and create wigs in virtually any conceivable style, texture or color. Other specializes in skin cleansings.

There are also plenty of positions within the field of cosmetology. For example, you could work for a salon or other establishment for an hourly wage. After a while, you might be able to work your way up to a supervisor’s position at that salon. Or you could pay money to a salon in order to use one of their chairs; under this arrangement you’d get to keep whatever money you earn from customers who sit in that chair. You could also open your own cosmetology store or salon. Or you could buy a franchise store. Or you might get a job as a personal beauty consultant to wealthy individuals. You could work for a cosmetics company, selling their products to salons and other establishments. Eventually, you could even teach at a cosmetology school. A person could try several of these positions over the course of the career, which would help prevent burnout.

Salaries vary widely for cosmetologists. One of the biggest factors in salaries for a cosmetologist is geographic location-many urban cosmetologists make more money than their rural counterparts-as well as years of experience. The best way to increase your odds of making more money is to keep adding to your skill set; learn new techniques and methods all the time. The more things you can do within this field the easier it will be to find work when you’re between jobs, too.

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