Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Splash Pages

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Splash pages or splash screens are pages that may use as an introduction or promotion to your website. It is very popularly used today and they may contain logo, graphics, or animated features.

Some users still promote the using of these pages because they think it is helpful in their business. However, most people refer this as something to downgrade the performance of your website. Before making these pages for your website, consider some of the advantages and disadvantages.


• Splash pages are form of promotion and advertising. They come out first once a website is open.

• They are use to obtain e-mail addresses and build mailing list where you can get use to forward e-mails regarding your offers. Thus, others believe it is good tool to make money.

• They are use to attract your visitors and they can select any site they want to see.

• Splash pages can be easily change if a page is not working.

• It is used by designers to strike customers and some would say they use to get traffics.


• Sometimes these pages said to be annoying to most visitors, especially if it is repetitive. This will degrade the performance of your website and mostly believed that they will drive away traffics.

• Visitors may leave a site once they see these pages.

• Your site can not get to the top with the search engine ranking, since splash pages does not contain some qualifications like content and meta tags.

• They hide some content of your site from search engines and add some unnecessary things to the site.

• According to a search engine expert, they are not a good home page and it might make a bad impression to your site rather than getting good opinions. This could lead to decreasing your credibility.

• They load very slowly particularly for animated pages which needs to be time consuming for the users. There is no way to skip these pages.

After reading the pros and cons of splash pages, it is time to weigh and consider if splash screens can be as helpful to your website as you expected.

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