Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online English Dictionary

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There are various reliable internet tools such as online English dictionaries, programs for grammar checking, and other processing tools. Besides the convenience, online dictionaries instantly eliminate the limitations of printed reference materials. Many of the users think that they do not need to update their dictionaries often, since the meaning of words does not change.

On the other hand, words and their meanings are dynamic. In fact, language itself, irrespective of what the language is, is ever changing, and this is what the uniqueness of language printed dictionaries cannot accommodate, hence the need for online English dictionaries.

Online English dictionaries are auto-updated; in fact this is the main advantage of online dictionaries over printed ones. An online dictionary is updated easily. It means that every new word or terminology can be added in the database of online dictionary. One of the best qualities of such dictionaries is the translation feature, e.g. an online dictionary can translate an English word into Italian and vice versa. This would be an important tool for learning a foreign language.

Another advantage is of convenience, i.e. just input the word and the website search engine will do the rest of the work. No more spelling check time, no need of any programs for grammar checking, no more wasting time in looking for the correct term and the correct meaning.

One of the drawbacks of these online dictionaries, however, is the dependability of the source. An online dictionary is a great tool of information, especially if we know how to distinguish a good online dictionary from a bad one. Also many of us view online dictionary as supplements to print dictionaries and not a replacement. We often forget that the dictionary gives the meaning of the word. It does not correct the grammar, as is done by the programs used for grammar.

Nevertheless, it remains a fact that online dictionaries are advantageous. Some people may be cautious when it comes to using online dictionaries due to the uncertainty associated with the source. But the millions who use this modern facility act as a pointer that the online dictionaries can be good as the real thing. As a result, the user gets all the rewards s/he deserves from his/her hard work, and nothing less.

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