5 Factors to Make Effective Pop-Up Ads on an Online Store

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If you search for the information concerning the pop-up ads on Google, you will discover a lot of results such as “pop-up blocker” or “how to disable pop-ups”. Many websites use this type of ads and, on one hand, it is a very useful marketing instrument because it guarantees that visitors definitely see the ad message, but, on the other hand, pop-up ads annoy people and they want to block them. In this article we will try to identify the golden mean to understand how this type of ads can be effective. You can find below several recommendations.

1. Provide pop-up ads at the right time. It is the very significant criterion you need to analyse. Let’s review some examples.

Visitors enter an online store and start to search for some products. In 10 seconds a pop-up window appears and visitors are asked to share on Facebook or subscribe to a newsletter. This is a very bad approach. At this moment, visitors just start to get acquainted with the online store and don’t know whether they like it or not. It is a wrong time to provide advertising.

When the visitors are ready to complete purchases and go to checkout procedure, it is obvious that they like the online store, but it is also not the right time for pop-up ads. Advertising can distract the users from buying and this fact will cause the abandoned carts. On the checkout stage, the users must fill in important fields related to payment cards, delivery and so on. Pop-up window may interfere and cause users make mistakes and give invalid information.

There are different stages of interaction with the online store and it is important to identify on which stage the pop-up ad can be appropriate and not so annoying. The common recommendation is that the pop-ups should be postponed.

2. Provide pop-up ads in the right place. The pop-up window can emerge in the middle of the page and obstruct the content. But there should be a strong reason to do this; otherwise, the advertising is annoying. Don’t think that people are blind, and pop-up window can be placed on the left or right side of the page. Also, the appropriate design of pop-up ads plays a huge role. It should attract but not irritate. The common recommendation is to make the design calm and organically fitted into the web page.

3. Give a clear opportunity to refuse advertising. The button to close the ad should appear immediately, along with the advertising message. It is user’s right to refuse advertising. A forcible way of advertising doesn’t work effectively and is usually perceived as disrespect to the customers.

4. Never implement inappropriate pop-ups. There are two types of advertising that can be here:

  • Spam ads, such as: “Congratulations! You are the 100.000th user and you won… “

Even if it is the truth, people will not trust such information because these techniques have been used as SPAM for too long and have brought too much discredit.

  • Irrelevant pop-ups. You can predict what kind of products can be interesting for users who are staying on a certain page for a long time. The section “You might also like” is able to help you to attract the users’ attention to relevant items in an online store. But if you want to make a stronger emphasis, it is possible to use pop-ups with appropriate information. That means, if the visitor searches for a new iPad, the pop-up window with information about discounts on vacuum cleaners will be irrelevant. To show advertising whatever it takes is a very bad practice.

5. Don’t use pop-up ads on each page. Advertising abuse will definitely not be efficient. One pop-up ad to support a certain marketing campaign is enough. Think twice if you like to add more ads to your online store.

How to test your pop-up ads

There are some recommendations how you are able to check if the pop-up ads work effectively.

  • Traffic to your online store. Traffic may increase if there are some active campaigns to attract new users. It is recommended to test pop-up ads before other campaigns, because in this way it is easier to analyse the impact.
  • Bounce Rate of your online store. It is the most important indicator to give you a clear picture about how the pop-ups work. If this parameter is increasing, the advertising has a negative impact and you have to stop it.
  • Time on the page/pages per visit. If visitors leave the store quicker or visit fewer pages compared to the past periods, these are also good indicators to reveal the negative impact. Pay more attention to the webpage where the pop-up ad is implemented.
  • Conversion rates. Even if no negative effects were identified, the conversion rate should be analysed carefully. If this indicator is not changing compared to previous periods, most likely this ad does not have either positive or negative influence and it is better to stop it or modify.

Pop-up ad is one of the many marketing instruments that can be used to increase sales. And such marketing campaign can be successful if you know all features of such advertising. We hope that our tips will hit upon some ideas how to increase your sales and make more profit.

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